Wainscoting & Custom Trim Work Overview

Wainscoting is a type of traditional wall treatment that protects the most vulnerable parts of a wall.  Wainscoting has been used for generations by builders and homeowners to protect their walls from furniture damage, scuff marks from footwear, and other harmful elements. Because of its visual appeal, wainscoting's popularity hasn't decreased. There are several ways to incorporate this piece into your home, including as a piece of art.

Wainscot paneling comes in various styles, including tongue and groove, picture frame, raised panel, and other unique patterns. There are a variety of wainscoting designs to pick from, but only a few will work in your home and complement your style.

Custom trimming is a style feature that will not go missing since it is an important finishing touch for any wall remodel. Whether it's bespoke trim work on wainscoting or other wall elements like crown moulding or casings, it gives the property a certain level of sophistication. Combining wainscoting with bespoke trim work for each provides a level of completeness to your home that is difficult to match.

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For maximum results and guaranteed pleasure, installing wainscoting and executing custom trim work requires a high level of experience. Years of experience are the only way to gain this kind of knowledge and competence, which we take pride in. Your rooms are our portfolio, and your walls are our paintings. So allow us to give you high-quality, cost-effective wainscoting and custom trim work that will add value to your property.

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