Coffered Ceilings Overview

This aesthetic architectural element can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Ceilings with coffering are an extremely traditional architectural element. They are characterized by the presence of a beautiful three-dimensional grid within them.

So, as we now know, coffers have been installed in ceilings since ancient times. Sometimes they were intended to conceal the architectural engineering of the building, such as when one beam or brace was required for the building's structural integrity, and others were constructed nearby for visual symmetry and to hide the required beam. And sometimes, they were installed to glorify a room and to help draw attention upward to create the idea of higher ceilings.

Thanks to modern technology, JK Luxury Home Remodeling can create a coffered ceiling in whatever room you want, such as your dining room, entry hall, study, or library.

Coffered ceilings come in various styles, including traditional and modern, and can be customized to your preferences. Regardless of your choice, it will undoubtedly bring elegance to your home.

Combine coffered ceilings with columns, crown molding, and custom trim work for an unrivaled degree of elegance and sophistication.

How a coffered ceiling will enhance your space?

Coffered ceilings have a number of advantages in addition to their eye-catching visual appeal.

These advantages include the fact that they:

  • create the illusion of more space
  • reduce unwanted noise
  • possibly increase the value of a property

Give your area a wider appearance by deciding whether you want deep or shallow beams, a traditional or contemporary style.

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