Casings & Baseboards Overview

Casings and baseboards can beautify any home significantly.

The molding or framing that adorns your interior doors and windows is known as the casing. Molding at the bottom of the wall, the one that follows the floor line, is known as the baseboard.

With the right baseboards, a casing elegantly flows from wall to floor, moving you from one room to the next. Baseboards blend with your casings and provide a connecting thread. Everything begins here, at the base of a room's structure.

The purpose of the baseboards is not only to beautify a room but also to protect the walls.

Physical damage from a wide variety of objects, including vacuums, mops, and golf balls, is more likely to occur toward the bottom of a wall, and drywall is not intended to protect against all of it.

Drywall is prone to water damage because of the substance it is made of. Baseboards, on the other hand, protect against this. Moisture spilled on the floor might readily seep through the walls and cause ugly damage if there are no baseboards.

Dirt and debris are stopped by installing baseboards.

It may be hard to believe or notice, but most walls are not straight. Baseboards are a great way to hide this fact. In addition, baseboards may help hide this from the sight if installed correctly.

Hardwood floor expansion and contraction are a normal part of its life cycle, and baseboards are an excellent way to hide it from view.

Crown MouldingCustom Trim WorkColumns, and Wainscoting are just a few examples of the outstanding work we've completed for our clients. As independent installations, each project has many appeals, but integrating these services gives your home a new aesthetic. We strongly advise our satisfied Crown Moulding customers to install casings and baseboards.

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You can rest assured knowing that you will receive the very best service possible when you enlist our highly-trained professionals' assistance in installing your casings and baseboards. We have years of expertise installing your casings and baseboards, so you can be assured that the work and service you receive from us will be of the best quality and meet or exceed your expectations.

JK Luxury Home Remodeling is pleased to provide homeowners and business owners around the Greater Toronto Area with casings and baseboards installation services, Crown Moulding, Custom Trim Work, Columns, and Wainscoting. These services are certain to improve the aesthetic appeal of houses and structures.

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